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Store, Share, Sync & Collaborate

Internet Guys Cloud addresses the complex file sharing and collaboration needs of small and medium businesses that struggle to capture, manage, organize, access, sync and share the flood of digital information originating from within and outside their organization.

What the heck is "The Cloud" anyway?

With the obligatory marketing tag out of the way, lets explore what the cloud is.

"The Cloud" simply refers a computer system that you or your company does not physically own, but provides access to your data. If you use IMAP or webmail, you are "In the Cloud"

At a Glance

Internet Guys Cloud is a file storage and collaboration tool. You get a web interface and sync utility that runs on your PC, MAC, Iphone or Android device so that you can access the files with only an internet connection.


Pricing and Plans

Basic Plan - 2G

Setup in house or remote desktop is FREE.




  • $200/year - 20G
  • $250/year - 100GB
  • $50/year for an additional 100GB

Small Business Plan - 100GB

Setup fee (as per customer needs/by hour)




  • $15 for each additional sub-user
  • $10/month to add 100GB to primary account
  • $50/month to add 1000GB to primary account

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